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Scooters - Fault Finding

Please click on the symptoms below to reveal common causes:

1. My scooter won’t move with key switched on?

There are several possibilities for this fault. First of all, please check the following:

Make sure that there is sufficient power in the batteries and ensure that the charging cable is not connected to the charging socket when in use.

If the fault is not the above, it may be one of the following issues:

  • The circuit breaker may have tripped or the main fuses have blown, one of the plugs at the controller is loose, the key switch may be broken, the throttle or speed control potentiometer has broken or the tiller head loom is not connected or loose.

2. My scooter has reduced power, limited speed and range?

  • Ensure that you charge the batteries for a sufficient period of time to ensure that the batteries are at full capacity.
  • If your scooter still doesn’t operate as expected then one of the following issues might be your problem. One or both batteries need replacement.
  • The battery charger might be faulty; therefore the batteries are not receiving a full charge. The cable connectors are not making proper contact.
  • Connections at the battery terminals may be corroded. The circuit breaker may have tripped or the battery charger fuse has blown.

3. Why my scooter has reduced/no power in forward or reverse?

  • There may be a few reasons for experiencing no power or reduced power on your scooter whilst driving forward or reversing.
  • The throttle control lever may have slipped on the potentiometer shaft and is not fully rotating. The throttle or speed potentiometer is broken.
  • The throttle lever is not centered on the potentiometer shaft. The acceleration settings in the controller may need re-setting (digital controllers only).
  • The motor may not be receiving full voltage, or the motor may be damaged.

4. Why I am experiencing erratic throttle control and my Scooter hesitates whilst in forward or reverse?

  • If you are experiencing erratic throttle control, your scooter may have a faulty throttle potentiometer.
  • The connection to your motor may be loose.
  • The battery terminal connection may be loose or corroded.
  • The carbon brushes or brush springs in the motor may be worn.

5. What causes my Scooter to suddenly stop while in motion and engage the brakes immediately?

If your scooter suddenly stops, you may be experiencing one of the following issues:

  • A broken contact at the key switch.
  • The circuit breaker may have tripped.
  • The connection in the loom assembly has broken.
  • The fuse in the tiller head has blown.
  • Lost connection to relay or the relay has broken.

6. What is causing my Scooter to brake slowly and slip on slopes?

If your scooter is experiencing reduced braking power, one of the following is most likely to be the issue:

  • The brake has worn. The brake spring has worn.  
  • The deceleration setting needs adjusting (digital controllers only).
  • The throttle control potentiometer is not centered.

7. Why doesn’t my Scooter move when the motor is running?

If your scooter is in ‘freewheel’ mode, it will not move by using the throttle.

  • Check that the free-wheel lever has not been activated. If the scooter has recently been in free-wheel mode, ensure that the lever has been fully re-engaged.

8. What should I do if my Scooter’s batteries aren’t charging/holding charge?

If you experience any problems whilst charging your scooter’s batteries (whether they don’t charge at all or they don’t hold the charge), you may be experiencing one of the following issues:

  • The battery voltage is too low.
  • Your charging cable is faulty. The charger is not working.
  • The charging circuitry within the main controller is faulty.

9. Excessive play in the steering, squealing from tires when moving on the floors.

If you experience any of these problems it could be one of the issues:

  • Front wheel out of alignment.
  • Worn ball joints, Excessive play in linkage.

Squealing is caused by wheels pointed in different directions, Raise front end and secure steering handle bar.

Rock wheels back and forth watch for loose or worn steering linkage, Use a straight edge on tires to see if the wheels are out of alignment.

10. My mobility scooter constantly beeps.

If your mobility scooter beeps when you turn it on, check that the scooter is in gear, not in freewheel mode. There is usually a lever at the back of the scooter that puts it in freewheel mode. If you can't see the lever, the manual will advise. After putting it in gear, you will need to turn the scooter off and on again.

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