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Stairlifts - Care & Maintenance

Stairlifts can collect dust and dirt very easily, our best advice to care for them is cleaning your stairlift should be a straight forward job. A quick dust down twice a week with either a lint free duster or feather duster should be adequate.

We would strongly advice not to use water or cleaning solvents at all costs.

Seat and carriage, can be cleaned with spraying household polish onto a clean a wiping down then rub and buff to required shine.

Straight stairlifts, that have aluminium track/rails can be wiped over with a damp cloth, spraying household polish onto the cloth is the best way as spraying polish directly onto the carriage could cause irreversible damage to components and circuit boards, it could also drip through vents causing it to short circuit or corrode internal components.

Curved stairlift, track/rail should not be cleaned with any type of solvents, avoid any type of polish or maintenance oils i.e. WD40. Curved lifts operate on a system where a roller sits on the rail and as the lift moves it rolls along the rail sending pulse information to the operating system.

Please Contact us to arrange one of our qualified stairlift engineer to carry out any cleaning to avoid damage to you equipment.

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