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Stairlifts - FAQ

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1. My stairs have a partial landing. Will I need a curved stairlift?

When deciding to get a stairlift, one of the first things to consider is whether you will require a straight or curved stairlift. In some cases, two straight stairlifts can do the job of one curved stairlift and may be more cost-effective

2. How long will the installation take?

This depends on the type of stairlift being fitted. A straight stairlift can be installed within a few hours, Curved stairlifts will take longer but most engineers should be able to install a curved stair lift within a day.

3. How is the stairlift powered?

Your stairlift will be powered from a standard power socket. In the event of a power cut the stairlift will work for a limited time/use on a rechargeable battery.

4. Are stairlifts noisy?

Battery run stairlifts use around 24 volts to power an electric motor; this makes them quiet and energy efficient to use. Your new stairlift will be quiet enough to use day and night without disturbing anyone else in the house.

5. Will the stairlift be fixed to the wall?

It is a misconception that stairlifts are fitted to the wall. In fact, they are fitted to the tread of the stairs; this makes the stairlift easier to install and remove if necessary, leaving you with a clean and unmarked wall.

6. How do stairlifts work?

Most stairlifts are made up of three main components: a rail, a carriage and a seat. The carriage of the stairlift contains the motor which powers the lift up and down the rail or track. The rail is normally made of Aluminum and fits directly onto the treads of the stairs (not the wall). The stairlift seat simply sits on top of the carriage and has the controls in the arms to safely send the stairlift up or down.

7. Will installing a lift ruin my stairs?

Many people envision large lags being drilled into their stairs, fortunately, this is not the case. The brackets used to support the track are secured using relatively small (approx 3/16”) standard wood screws. Modern stairlifts have been designed to spread the weight load across your entire staircase, reducing the need for large damaging lags.

8. Can other people still use the stairs?

Yes, when not in use your stairlift can be folded out of the way. Straight stairlifts range between 11.25”-13” from the wall when folded up. Curved lifts are larger units and take up a few inches more depending on the type of stairs.

9. What do I do if my stairlift breaks down?

In the event that your stairlift breaks down, you will need to get in touch with our offices during business hours, which will be able to send an engineer to fix the issue. Charges will be advised on arrival, although make sure to check your warranty to see if you are covered.

10. Are there any features to help me get on and off the stairlift?

Stairlifts come with swivel seats, meaning you can get on and off without having to twist or turn your body. Armrests can be used to push yourself up, although these can usually be raised, which is especially helpful for those using a wheelchair. It is also possible to have a perch stairlift installed, which means that there is no need to sit down, which can benefit those with knee problems.

11. What stairlift safety features are there?

All stairlifts are manufactured to conform to strict British safety standards so that you have complete peace of mind, and also have a number of features to ensure you are kept safe at all times. Stairlifts are fitted with seatbelts, and built-in sensors will detect if there are any obstructions which may cause problems.

12. Can I buy a reconditioned stairlift?

Either new or reconditioned stairlifts can be purchased, which we will take into consideration when discussing a quotation with you. A reconditioned stairlift is one that has previously been used, but has since been refurbished to the same exacting standards. These are cheaper and reduce teething problems following installation, but may not last as long as a brand new stairlift.

13. How frequently should I have my Stairlift Serviced?

A stairlift maintenance check and complete service is strongly recommended to be undertaken at least once a year. Regular Stairlift servicing and safety checks are critical to the longevity, safety and long term operation of a Stairlift. During the Stairlift servicing the unit is inspected, adjusted and lubricated as necessary and according to manufacturer specifications to increase the overall lift of the stairlift. A Stairlift service and safety check from Magbility typically takes around 45 minutes to complete and includes a full detailed 35 point service and safety inspection report.

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